Envirocon, Inc has worked in the building automation industry for over 30 years providing total solutions that respond to the customers needs and work within the budget constraints provided. Envirocon specializes in offering the following services for the commercial, industrial and residential markets. Temperature control systems complete with Web access to allow the site owner to adjust and control their building remotely. Our systems allow notification of alarms to remote personnel to help reduce your operating costs. We offer Security Systems to guard against unlawful entry.

“Technology brings reduced cost, better control and less maintenance. Envirocon offers a new breed of products for today's buildings.”John Godwin, President Envirocon, Inc

 Our Fire Alarm Systems are designed to protect property and save lives. We can integrate with the HVAC controls and engineer smoke control sequences that reduce the risk to the people who live and work in the building. We offer Card Access Systems to control movement of people and tracking of portable devices, such as notebook computers. Envirocon can install and engineer CCTV solutions that can record movements and can be accessed via the Internet, with the approved passwords. Finally, when it comes to residential services you will find superior solutions for Fire, CCTV, Security, Music, and Centralized Vacuum Systems that give you the piece of mind you want for your family. Envirocon envisions a bright future in all of the highly specialized systems listed above for today and future markets.

We also have full service offerings that provide real solutions for real problems. Envirocon develops the solution for each and every customer to meet the needs of the customer’s requirements. We have an Educational Training Center in our Wilson office complete with Labs. Factory trained personnel, at reasonable costs, instruct the classes. Contact us today and learn how we can save you money and provide quality products for the solution you want. After we talk to you I am sure you will understand the value we can bring to your building.

Envirocon holds the following Certifications/Licenses for the Following:


- North Carolina Electrical Board (Unlimited Electrical Licenses) 4193-U


- North Carolina Alarm System Licensing Board (Security Systems, Video Cameras, Card Access Systems) 1073-CSA


- Bosch (Bosch Security, Security Cameras)



- Tridium (Jace AX, Jace R2, Tridium Card Access, Tridium AX)



- American Auto-Matrix (Pup, Bacnet)



- Reliable Controls (Bacnet, Smoke Control Certification)



- Distech Controls (Lon)



- Viconics (Lon, Bacnet)



- Honeywell (Home Security Systems, Business Security Systems, Honeywell Security)



- EST Fire Systems





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