The Auto-Flow® system is optimally designed for new construction, retrofit installation and for factory installation by the fume hood supplier. The first step in providing effective control of the fume hood face velocity is its accurate measurement. The Auto-Flow system is the only system that measures the actual fume hood face velocity in the plane of the sash. The airfoil pitot face velocity sensing technology can be applied for horizontal, vertical and combination rising sashes without the need for mechanically intense sash position sensors. The system can also accommodate walk-in type fume hoods. The small, low profile HC2 is designed for easy installation without modification to the fume hood. By design, the Auto-Flow system can be economically installed on all fume hood types. Auto-Flow systems are sold and serviced world-wide by a network of independent solution integrators. In addition, AAM offers complete quotation and engineering services through the factory. Working in partnership with our solution integrators, we provide an extensive array of value-added tools, services, documentation and training from specifications and planning, to installation, configuration and project management. Auto-Flow a complete control package from a single trusted source.



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